Thanks Neopax........your product is simply the best!
Posted By: Pascal Van Strydonck
location sound mixer/audio consultant
It is my goal as a reality tv mixer to make the talent forget we are following them, that also includes making them forget they are wearing a mic pack. So my newest tool is the NEOPAX system which I have found to be very effective.....I have also had talent tell me that they forget they are even wearing a waist or ankle strap.
Posted By: Whitney Ince
Production Sound Mixer
Mark has made a great product in the neopax that I've enjoyed using for some time and recommend to everyone.
Posted By: Charlie Slemaker
Production Sound Mixer

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Danielle LuSpecial Thanks to Glenn Berkovitz, Aaron Wallace, Bruce Jones, Larry Fisher, and Gordon Moore at Lectrosonics, Location Sound Corp, John Coffey, Claudia Rizzi and Danielle Lu (featured right), our NeoPax Belt Model. Photography by Warren Feldman.