What makes NeoPax belts so special?

NeoPax belts are made from fabric laminated neoprene; a soft, stretchy, insulating material that is comfortable to wear. The u-loop backing allows you to fasten the tab-end anywhere along the length of the belt, instead of trying to align small hook & loop patches; so that with NeoPax belts, you get a truly custom fit EVERY time. Unlike other belts, NeoPax utilizes a one piece belt & pouch design; this eliminates the "flop-factor" you get from belts that have a sliding pouch.

We have even gotten a report of an audio technician wiring NHL players with our belts. Even in action, the transmitter stayed snug and stable. The wearer is able to do his/her job without the distraction or discomfort of a flopping transmitter. For any action shot, we suggest using BOTH included pouch straps to secure the transmitter.

The laminated material offers superior insulation against transmitters that have the tendency to heat up at times:

  • Sturdy, long lasting construction
  • Original U.S. Patented Design
  • Our Belts are available in four lengths, three colors, three pouch sizes, a "Thigh High"
    and a "Multi-Pouch" Belt
  • Masterful, long lasting stitching by a world renowned wetsuit manufacturer
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How long do NeoPax belts last?

The longevity of our belts will, of course, depend on the frequency of their use, the proper matching of transmitter size to pouch size and following washing instructions. The hook and loop attachment system will retain it's integrity for several hundred applications. We know that some people have used the same belts for years. We still encourage people to consider them an expendable, which sometimes convinces the production company to purchase NeoPax for the sound crew, especially on TV series!

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Where are NeoPax belts made?

While some materials we use can only be sourced from overseas, our NeoPax belts are cut and assembled IN THE USA, right here in sunny Southern California!

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Are NeoPax belts washable?

YES! We recommend using the gentle cycle or hand washing in cool water with a mild detergent. We also recommend hang drying.

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How do I determine what size to use?

NeoPax belts were originally designed for Lectrosonics transmitters and will work with similar sized transmitters as well. Please visit our product page for pouch dimensions.

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Danielle LuSpecial Thanks to Glenn Berkovitz, Aaron Wallace, Bruce Jones, Larry Fisher, and Gordon Moore at Lectrosonics, Location Sound Corp, John Coffey, Claudia Rizzi and Danielle Lu (featured right), our NeoPax Belt Model. Photography by Warren Feldman.